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Neal O'Neal, PT


Neal treats and teaches manual therapy classes for

Pursuit Performance Training 

Neal O'Neal graduated from University of Washington with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy. Continuing his educational development, Neal trained in The Makenzie Approach to Low Back Treatment, Foot/Ankle Biomechanics in Gait and Sport, and Upper Extremity Biomechanics in Sport and Posture. A focus on Golf Biomechanics training took Neal to volunteer his services at the LPGA Safeco Classic at Kent Meridian Golf Course. His continued focus on therapeutic development led him to The Washington Institute of Sports Medicine's Acceleration Training Program and then on to Advanced Ergonomics, Inc.'s Pre-Employment Testing and Trainers program. At the latter, Neal specialized in cardiovascular screenings as applied to pre-employment tests. As a Site Instructor for Advanced Ergonomics, Inc., Neal trained many testing sites and performed work-site evaluations for Newcastle Brick, The US Army at Fort Lewis, and the Washington Teachers Union. From 2000-2016, Neal trained extensively at The Jones Institute and The Ursa Foundation to develop manual therapy expertise. He also worked with BioforceHRV in developing the use of Heart Rate Variability as a research and treatment tool for Ursa Educational Institute for Manual Therapy. Neal is a past Director of Research for the Ursa Educational Institute for Manual Therapy, helped present and teach in Ghent, Belgium as part of the International Conference on Research in Osteopathic Medicine, and continues in Translational Research (turning current research into advanced treatment approaches and techniques) for Pursuit Performance Training, an Advanced Manual Therapy Educational Institute. Most recently, Neal became certified in Functional Range Conditioning and has added several classes utilizing this self-directed exercise modality to further the benefits of manual therapy intervention. Currently, Neal maintains a busy manual therapy practice in Redmond and Renton, Washington.

Neal's pursuits are trail running, yoga, weight-lifting, and advancing the knowledge and understanding of human performance.

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