Zoom Access to Osteopathic Medical Sciences I


March 19-20, 2021

2-Day Lecture Series

Class In-Person and on Zoom, Zoom Class will be interactive


This class is a derivative of The Silver Series as taught by Loren "Bear" Rex, DO. 


Osteopathic Medical Sciences I: Anatomy, Physiology, Embryology, and Pathology is a lecture series for the medical practitioner who seeks to gain a deeper knowledge of the human body. This lecture series will utilize a "systems approach" to these scientific fields, that is, an osteopathic approach. To truly be able to use an osteopathic or systems approach to treatment, the student must have a strong grasp of the underlying medical information gained through a study in anatomy, physiology, embryology, and pathology. This series will begin with an in-depth primer on embryology and then be organized by an anatomical and physiological review of the system being studied with specific embryological insights. Then a study of pathologies of that system will be enumerated. Hence, the class will study the growth and development of the system, how it functions optimally, and how it breaks down to gain insight into the interrelationships of the parts within an organ system.


Several human organ systems such as the aerodigestive, cardiorespiratory, cardiovascular, neurohormonal, musculoskeletal, renal-vascular, reproductive, and genitourinary systems will be covered and correlated to each other, especially through the embryological and pathological studies. By learning how humans and the organ systems that interact to maintain health are laid down, grow together, overlap, function through development to adulthood and breakdown through trauma, insults of life, aging and hence breakdown through pathology, the student of the osteopathic approach will gain insight into the patient that is before them in clinical practice. 


This series may be taken in any order, however, not all sections may be repeated in the future. The series of classes will be a series of four spread out over 2-2.5 years.

Zoom Osteopathic Medical Sciences I March 19-20th, 2021

  • Target audience: Healthcare providers including, but not limited to:

    MD, DO, PT, AT, DC, MT, RN, OT, ND and other licensed or certified healthcare providers.


    Instructor: Neal O'Neal, PT 

    Class is held 9-6 Friday and Saturday. 


    Fees: $500/student


    Learning Objectives: Upon course completion, the participant will be able to-

    1) List the organ systems of the body.

    2) List the development, normal structure and function, and how that structure and function are interrelated of the organ systems of the human body.

    3) Describe the role of the septum transversum in the development and function of the organ systems.




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    9am – 10:30am        Embryology: In The Beginning...

    10:30am –  12pm     Endoderm, Ectoderm, Mesoderm

    12pm – 1pm               Lunch

    1pm – 3pm                 Somites and Somatopleure

    3pm – 6:00pm         Organ Systems



    9am - 12pm             Musculoskeletal Organ System 

    12pm - 1pm              Lunch

    1pm -   3pm             Neurovascuaar Organ System

    3pm - 6pm              Pathology of the Musculoskeletal and Neurovascular Systems 


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