Treatment of the PSNS (parasympathetic) Centers of the Head and Neck is an instructional level 2 to 3 class designed to hone the participants knowledge, understanding and employment of parasympathetic, sympathetic and neurohormonal treatment. This class presents the knowledge based treatment strategies that can be devised through palpation and detailed geographic understanding of anatomy and physiology of the head and neck. This information is particularly powerful when guided by the measure of neurohormonal function and responsiveness to practitioner intervention. In this class, that palpatory information will be discussed in relationship to embryological, physiological, neurological and pathological development and its use as a diagnostic tool for dysfunction and pathology such as Chronic Sinusitis, headache, jaw dysfunction, chronic eye strain, tinnitus, face, neck and head pain, results of dental treatment and associated dysfunction, processes and sequelae. The alteration of motion and function that presents as tenderness, stiffness, changes in center of motion (i.e. neutral behavior) and / or loss of range motion will be discussed in light of the type of dysfunction present.

Video of PSNS Treatment I, 1-Day Class (SEA)


  • The neurological and embryological of 2 hand techniques such as Neural Dynamic Reintegration, Neurolymphatic, and Neurovascular treatments.


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