About Us

We are here because we have a desire to provide the best physical care to our patients. We want our patients to recover to the highest degree and to the highest function possible. We want you to feel young no matter how old you are!

We Take An Unconventional Approach

Pursuit Physical Therapy is a center for restoring human movement based on the way humans develop structurally. This structure governs movement, but movement changes in response to how people move and live their lives.


We apply an understanding of this interaction between structure and function. Through this lens, it becomes more obvious why someone breaks down or does not recover in our modern settings. We look for those breakdowns and work to correct them.

Our treatment approach is different from traditional therapies. Traditional therapies treat a narrow view of the interaction of the body as a whole. We restore movement so that strengthening occurs as part of everyday activity, with a little guidance from deeper understanding.

We Can Help You Get Back To Living Your Life

We understand that everyone has different goals when it comes to physical therapy. Whether it's returning to exercise, overcoming vertigo, or recovering from an injury, our Physical Therapists are available to help.


We base our treatment on your goals. Each person is unique, and our treatment will be unique to you. 


We feel you should keep doing what you love. We are here to get you back to living your life!

Albana, Front Office Coordinator