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Patient Reviews

We strive to provide you with the best service and treatment possible. That is why we LOVE hearing how happy you are! 

What Our Patients Say:


"I have had the same injury for several years, Pursuit Physical Therapy is not just fixing the issue but showed me why it happened. Neal O'Neal PT is the best." ~Jana

"With Darshita’s exercises and the Pilates exercises which I continue to do at home, I am managing quite well and even improving slowly. Thanks to her, I have some strategies to help me through the more challenging days." ~Paula

"I am so grateful for Molly's help in dealing with painful menstrual issues which caused increasing problems for me this past year. I didn’t even know I that the ligaments of the organs might be part of how to stop the pain in my low back." ~Kathleen


"Thanks Darshita for the excellent and professional care. I'm amazed at how much better my injury has improved. Thanks for making my pubic bone work so that my SI Joint stopped hurting!" ~Sarah


"Why can Neal tell me more about how and why I am hurt than all the so-called "Experts" I've seen?  I was told my only option was to quit running but Neal helped me get back to it and I'm now getting better times than I have in years!" ~Rachel

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