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Piriformis Stretch

Bear Stretches

How to Foam Roll

Whole Body Stretches

Football Neck Exercise

Groin Stretches

Shoulder Stretch

Up and Down Dog

Scaption Shoulder Exercise

Internal/External Rotation

Plantar, Big Toe, Foot, Heel Stretch

Shoulder Tubing Exercise High

Diaphragm/Neck Stretch

Shoulder Tubing Exercises Low

Hip Dynamic Flexibility

Lower Trunk and Hip Rotation Progression

Ankle/Heel Problem

How to Vacuum and protect your Low Back and Shoulder

How to do Groin and Hip Stretches with a focus on Rotation

Hurdler-Hip Stretches

How to Foam Roll your Neck, Mid-Back, Rib Cage and Shoulder

Lumbar Neutral Hamstring 

Stretch: Neuro-Muscular ReEd for Spine and Hip

Hip Abductor / Gluteus Medius Stretch

Foot Shortening and Balance Exercises

Calf / Foot/ Toe Stretch for Plantar Fasciitis / Neuropathy (neuroma)

Hip Flexor / Psoas / Anterior Hip Stretch

dd strtetch1.jpg

Bruggers Desk Stretch Exercises

Follow Directions: 

  • DO NOT over-arch the back, try to extend the wrists.

  • BREATH in deeply and out SLOWLY!

  • Alternate to rotate the knees in together.

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