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Exercise Videos

Piriformis Stretch

Whole Body Stretches

Football Neck Exercise

Plantar, Big Toe, Foot, Heel Stretch

Shoulder Tubing Exercises Low

Hip Dynamic Flexibility

Lower Trunk and Hip Rotation Progression

Hip Abductor / Gluteus Medius Stretch

Hip Flexor / Psoas / Anterior Hip Stretch

Bear Stretches

Groin Stretches

Shoulder Stretch

Shoulder Tubing Exercise High

Ankle/Heel Problem

How to Vacuum and protect your Low Back and Shoulder

How to do Groin and Hip Stretches with a focus on Rotation

Foot Shortening and Balance Exercises

How to Foam Roll

Up and Down Dog

Scaption Shoulder Exercise

Internal/External Rotation

Diaphragm/Neck Stretch

Hurdler-Hip Stretches

How to Foam Roll your Neck, Mid-Back, Rib Cage and Shoulder

Lumbar Neutral Hamstring 

Stretch: Neuro-Muscular ReEd for Spine and Hip

Calf / Foot/ Toe Stretch for Plantar Fasciitis / Neuropathy (neuroma)

dd strtetch1.jpg

Bruggers Desk Stretch Exercises

Follow Directions: 

  • DO NOT over-arch the back, try to extend the wrists.

  • BREATH in deeply and out SLOWLY!

  • Alternate to rotate the knees in together.

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