Osteopathic Medical Sciences I

Herriman (SLC), UT, March 19-20, 2021

2-Day Lecture Series

Class In-Person and on Zoom, Zoom Class will be interactive

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      Osteopathic Medical Sciences I: Anatomy, Physiology, Embryology, and Pathology is a lecture series for the medical practitioner who seeks to gain a deeper knowledge of the human body. This lecture series will utilize a "systems approach" to these scientific fields, that is, an osteopathic approach. To truly be able to use an osteopathic or systems approach to treatment, the student must have a strong grasp of the underlying medical information gained through a study in anatomy, physiology, embryology, and pathology. This series will begin with an in-depth primer on embryology and then will be organized such that first, anatomy of the system being studied will be detailed, then the physiology of that system will be covered and finally pathology of that system will be enumerated. Several human organ systems such as the aerodigestive, cardiorespiratory, cardiovascular, neurohormonal, musculoskeletal, renal-vascular, reproductive, and genitourinary systems will be covered and correlated to each other, especially through the embryological and pathological views. By learning how humans and the organ systems that interact to maintain health are laid down, grow together, overlap, function through development to adulthood and breakdown through trauma, insults of life, aging and hence breakdown through pathology, the student of the osteopathic approach will gain insight into the patient that is before them in clinical practice. 


This series may be taken in any order, however, not all sections may be repeated in the future.


Visceral Manipulation IV:

Vascular Neurochemical Structural Treatment

Seattle (Redmond), WA, June 27th, 2020

1-Day Lab Class

Saturday, 9am to 6pm

June 27th, 2020

14961 NE 95th St, Redmond, WA 98052

cost: $250 Live; $200 on Zoom

Hotels we suggest:
Hyatt House Seattle/ Redmond, 15785 Bear Creek Pkwy, Redmond, WA 98052
Baymont by Wyndham Seattle/Kirkland, 12223 NE 116th St, Kirkland, WA 98034
Hampton Inn & Suites Seattle/Redmond, 17770 NE 78th Pl, Redmond, WA 98052

Learning Objectives: Upon course completion, the participant will be able to-

1) Identify, palpate and test the mobility of the the vascular system throughout the body including the chest, throat, abdomen, and extremities. 

2) Ask appropriate patient history questions that take into account new, research-based understanding of respiratory-cardio-renal-vascular system function;

3) Demonstrate various treatment strategies such as Fascial Release, Counterstrain-positional release, Neurolymphatic and Neurovascular Techniques, and NeuroDynamic Reintegration© (NDR©) to maximize local function of the respiratory-cardio-renal-vascular system.


4) Perform appropriate Global and Regional provocation tests of the chest, subdiaphragmatic renal / adrenal, respiratory viscera and vascular system..


5) Apply a specific Home Exercise / Self-Treatment Program based on objectively assessed neuromuscular imbalance and somatic dysfunction.


Target audience: Licensed healthcare providers including, but not limited to:

PT, AT, DC, MT, RN, OT, LMT, and ND.

7 contact hours – 14 1-A hours anticipated  


Instructors: Neal O'Neal, PT 

Class is held 9-6 Saturday.


Fees: $250/student, associates of Autumn Mayberry may utilize a discount code found HERE .  Course limited to 8 students.


Materials Provided: A binder of the course materials will be provided to each student to follow along and take notes during the lecture and lab portions of the class.

Purpose: The purpose of this class is to provide the clinical practitioner with the knowledge of how recent research has changed current clinical treatment approaches to the respiratory-cardio-renal-vascular system and the role of mobility of the viscera in biomechanical, neurological, and neurohormonal signalling.

Expected outcomes are to develop effective delineation and treatment strategies based upon an integration of new information and the extensive body of knowledge of the anatomy, physiology, and embryology of the body. This class will enhance participant learning through the use of discussion, audio-visual materials, recent research evidence, and extensive lab-based learning.



9am – 10:30am             Current research-based information which illuminates the traditional and up-to-the-minute

                                      information on the understanding of how the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System



10:30am – 12pm           Global and Regional Provocation Tests for Respiratory, Cardiac, Adrenal, Renal, and

                                      vascular structures (Lab)


12pm – 1pm                  Lunch


1pm – 2:45pm               Relation and Testing of Structural Visceral Dysfunction  (Lab)

2:45pm – 5pm               Neurological, Myofascial, and Neuro-Vascular / Neuro Dynamic Reintegration Treatment of 

                                      the Respiratory, Cardiac, Adrenal, Renal, and vascular structures (Lab)

Cancellation Policy:
Registration fee less a $75 administrative charge is refundable if cancellation received 14 days prior to program date. No refunds will be given after that time. ANS Balance HRV and Pursuit PT reserve the right to cancel a seminar and will refund in full the registration fee only. Neither ANS Balance HRV nor Pursuit PTis NOT responsible for registrant’s non-refundable airfare, accommodations or fees.


In The Norsk Complex

14961 NE 95th St

Redmond, WA 98052



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