We Can Help You Get Back to Living Your Life​!

We understand that everyone has different goals when it comes to physical therapy. Whether it's returning to exercise, overcoming vertigo, or recovering from an injury, our Physical Therapists are available to help.


We base our treatment on your goals. Each person is unique and our treatment will be unique to you. 


We feel you should keep doing what you love. We are here to get you back to living your life!


(novel corona virus) Clinic Procedural Information:

Our Therapists always wash their hands between patients and clean your treatment space, however, we will ramp up general cleaning of horizontal surfaces and patient contact surfaces as the coronavirus is particularly virulent.

Additionally, we have N95 masks and gloves available for our physical therapists. If you would feel more comfortable if your therapist wore a mask and / or gloves, please let us know and we will accommodate your wishes.

What we offer is a hands-on approach to Physical Therapy working to address your underlying problems with joint release, soft tissue release, and muscular re-education.
Our goal is to have you moving differently when you walk out our door.


Osteopathic Physiotherapy

Evaluating and treating the body's response to an injury or postural adaptation and return it to it's function accordingly.


Vestibular Therapy

Evaluating and treating the cause of dizziness or dysequilibrium and working on balance while reintegrating the brain and the body. 

Women's Health

Evaluating and treating pelvic floor pain, prolapse, unresolved low back pain, incontinence, and post-partum strengthening. 

Click Here to find Videos of our stretches and exercises.


Here are a few Informational Videos

Anelody Tice, LMT, teaches a

Foam Roller Self-Treatment Class

on Thursdays from 12-12:45pm

Call to register, current patients receive 2 free classes!

An Unconventional Approach

 Pursuit Physical Therapy is a center for restoring human movement based on the way humans develop structurally. This structure governs movement but movement changes in response to how people move, how they live their lives.


Pursuit Physical Therapy uses an understanding of this interaction between structure and function. Through this lens it becomes more obvious why someone breaks down or does not recover in our modern settings. We look for those breakdowns and work to correct them.

Our treatment approach is different from traditional therapies. Traditional therapies treat a narrow view of the interaction of the body as a whole. We restore movement so that strengthening occurs as part of everyday activity with a little guidance from deeper understanding.

 What Our Patients Say:

“With Darshita’s exercises and the Pilates exercises which I continue to do at home, I am managing quite well and even improving slowly. Thanks to her, I have some strategies to help me through the more challenging days." ~Paula

"I am so grateful for Sandy's help in dealing with painful menstrual issues which caused increasing problems for me this past year. I didn’t even know I that the ligaments of the organs might be part of how to stop the pain in my low back.” ~ Kathleen


“I have had the same injury for several years, Pursuit Physical Therapy is not just fixing the issue but showed me why it happened. Neal O'Neal PT is the best.” ~ Jana


“Thanks Darshita for the excellent and professional care. I'm amazed at how much better my injury has improved. Thanks for making my pubic bone work so that my SI Joint stopped hurting!"~ Sarah


"Why can Neal tell me more about how and why I am hurt than all the so-called "Experts" I've seen?  I was told my only option was to quit running but Neal helped me get back to it and I'm now getting better times than I have in years!" ~ Rachel

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