Specializing in 

Osteopathic Physiotherapy,

Visceral Manipulation, 

and Women's Health 

to treat underlying causes and

help you return to health.


In Pursuit of Life.

COVID-19 Information

Our therapists have been vaccinated for COVID-19 but still they always wash their hands between patients and clean your treatment space. We continue to maintain thorough cleaning of horizontal surfaces and patient contact surfaces as well as introduce ionic and air HEPA filtration to minimize aerosols and water vapor build up in the clinic. Additionally, our therapists wear masks and will wear gloves if you desire. Please let us know and we will accommodate your wishes. For additional information about COVID-19, please visit the CDC website

Visceral Manipulation

Evaluating and treating the cause of dizziness or disequilibrium and working on balance while reintegrating the brain and the body.

Women's Health

Evaluating and treating pelvic floor pain, prolapse, unresolved low back pain, incontinence, and postpartum strengthening. 

Osteopathic Physiotherapy

Evaluating and treating the body's response to an injury or postural adaptation and return it to normal function.


Here are a few Informational Videos for your reference. We provide additional Exercise and Stretching Videos on our Resources page to help patients continue therapy at home.