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Visceral Manipulation

Evaluation and treatment of the cause of chronic pain or inflammation by working on the fascial system of the viscera to integrate the whole body.

Women's Health

Evaluating and treating pelvic floor pain, prolapse, unresolved low back pain, incontinence, and postpartum strengthening. 

Clinical and Translational Research  Physiotherapy

Evaluating and treating the body's response to an injury or postural adaptation and return it to normal function.

We Take An Unconventional Approach

Pursuit Physical Therapy is a center for restoring movement based on the way humans develop structurally. This structure governs function and movement, but changes when people have injuries or repetitive positioning. Sometimes the result is pain and loss of function.
We apply an understanding of the interaction between structure and function to restore people to their activities. 

Our treatment approach is different from traditional therapies. We look for the underlying causes of a problem. These underlying causes are part of the local, regional, global, and multi-layer aspects of dysfunction. We look to discover these problems to determine the most complete approach to treatment.
Once movement is restored, strengthening occurs as part of everyday activity and insightful therapeutic intervention.

We Can Help You Get Back To Living Your Life

We understand that everyone has different goals when it comes to physical therapy.
Whether it's returning to exercise, overcoming vertigo, or recovering from an injury, our Physical Therapists are available to help.

At your first visit, we will Listen to why you have sought treatment. We will then Look by providing an informed evaluation of your musculoskeletal and visceral systems. We will take all the information we have gained from listening to you, looking at you, asking more questions to really hear and see the basis of your problem so that we may Think and discover deeper aspects of your problem. Finally, we will Treat those underlying issues to get at the source of your problem. 
We base our treatment on your goals! Each person is unique, and our treatment will be unique to you. 
We feel you should keep doing what you love. We are here to get you back to living your life!


Here are a few Informational Videos for your reference. We provide additional Exercise and Stretching Videos on our Resources page to help patients continue therapy at home.  

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